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Aeration & Seeding

Aeration & Seeding

Aeration & Seeding 

Our Team Does It Best When you're ready for your lawns aeration and seeding our team does it best! We provide an excellent aeration and seeding service set to ensure your lawn gets the care and help it needs in the spring and in the fall to ensure you're getting the care needed to best help your lawn grow comfortably. Our delicate aeration and seeding process allows for your lawn to get back to its root's literality. 

Why Should I Aerate and Seed my lawn?

When your lawn goes through the year it faces many obstacles. From the heat and continual pitter patter of feet to mowing's where clippings no matter how much grass your mower bags end up getting compacted into the soil. As this happens, we see a tension build inside of our turf. if we do not aerate and seed our lawn preferably on an annual basics, we begin to see bare areas and even things such as lawn disease and fungus grow. To best avoid this possible detrimental loss of grass, disease and fungus allowing our team here at Top Choice Lawn Care to help aerate and seed your lawn would be a great choice! 


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