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Hardened and Aged firewood is great any time of year, no matter if you're just lighting your fireplace, wood burning stove and or having a bonfire with family. Our team here at Top Choice Lawn Care provides amazing firewood's to choose from and it will be delivered to your door. We provide an excellent selection of maple, oak, cherry and many other kinds of woods for all of your wood burning needs! 

Why Choose Top Choice Lawn Care for My Firewood Needs?

Our team here at Top Choice Lawn Care goes above and beyond to source the best burning firewood in Connecticut and we pride ourselves on that. No matter how much firewood you could possibly need we are always able to get it to your door and ready to burn! From picking great quality sources to ensuring our wood is hardened and aged. We like to assure our customers that they are getting only the best and we wouldn't sell a quart of wood we were not confident in! 

Need Firewood?

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