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Spring Is Here

Spring is here and it is time to start preparing ourselves for the summer ahead! If you are in and or near Stamford CT our team is here to help you with all of your lawn care needs! We have years of experience providing top quality lawn care services to residents in our area! When you want the best of the best. Our team here at Top Choice Lawn Care has been building better lawns for our clients and we're ready to help you build a better lawn! Simply reach out to us and allow us to help you with your lawn care needs!

3- Spring Lawn Care Tips Sure To Help You This Spring:

1 - Spring Clean Up

Having a spring clean up to remove debris is essential! By removing debris from the lawn you are allowing your lawn to breathe and grow properly! This process also ensures your turf does not get more weeds and or fungus and mold growth. We highly suggest getting this done prior to summer!

2 - Seed Bare Patches

By seeding bare patches you are covering these areas with new seed that can germinate now as spring is setting in filling in your lawn and allowing for a lush and healthy lawn this summer! Be sure to plan your lawn seeding around the times you know it is going to rain so that your seeds do not need as much water! This will also help save you a lot of money on your water bill!

3 - Aerate Your Turf

Aerating your turf can allow oxygen and water to penetrate your soil in a much more efficient way. This will ensure your lawn is getting the nutrients it deserves over the spring and will help your lawn to maintain a healthy look and feel all summer long. This process also penetrates your lawns root systems promoting a response from your turf to grow deeper and more healthy for years to come!

If you use our three tips above you will surely see improvement in your lawn this spring and summer! Our team worked tirelessly to ensure your lawn has the best year every year! If you need help with your lawn you can simply give us a call at 203-424-9968.

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