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Why Get My Stamford Lawn an Aeration?

Why Get My Stamford Lawn an Aeration?

You may wonder why get my Stamford lawn an aeration? Thats ok sometimes when all we hear is a sales pitch and not why a service may or may not be necessary, we have questions and or can be warry. The reason we suggest everyone get an annual aeration is simple to help your lawn grow and maintain its green lush look.

See our grass like us is a living organism and here in Stamford, Connecticut we have seasonal changes and regular life activity's that effect our lawn. From the summer heat causing our soil to dry out and our grasses roots to shrink to our kids playing in the lawn and compacting the soil. The best answer for your turf's heath is an annual aeration and seeding. Below we have given you 3 major signs that may indicate your lawn is in need of an aeration.

3 - Signs it’s Time to Aerate

  • Compacted and/or Dry Soil: Hard and or compacted soil will usually feel dry and extremely rough. If you notice targeted problem areas, test them out with a hand shovel. If you have any difficulty with inserting the hand shovel into the soil, it’s likely that aeration is needed.

  • Poor Drainage: If you notice any pooling of water in your lawn—either from your sprinkler system or rainwater—this could be a major sign of heavily compacted soil. When water can’t penetrate the soil, it will surely lead to long term issues. Lucky for you, aeration is an easy solution because it can improve drainage and allow water to absorb more evenly.

  • High Traffic: Compacted soil can often be the result of areas that experience regular high traffic. This could be the result of either people, pets, or even a child's bike, heavy equipment etc. If you know you have high traffic on your Stamford lawn an aeration may be necessary!

If you're struggling with any of these signs above, it may be time to give us a call at 203-424-9968. or simply fill out our contact form by (Clicking Here)

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