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Why Should I Have My Lawn Treated with Fertilizer and Weed Control?

Why Should I Have My Lawn Treated with Fertilizer and Weed Control?

Having your lawn treated with weed control and fertilizer can have a ton of benefits for your Stamford, Connecticut lawn. These benefits can include a super long list so were going to break this down for you and explain what they are! We will also give you the cons of not having your lawn properly treated as well!

When you get your lawn treated through the year and the applications are completed properly you are able to help give your grass the nutrients it needs to grow to its full potential. Your grass needs potassium and nitrogen along with water and sun to grow properly. No matter which type of grass you have these two compounds are essential. There is also a spring treatment called a pre-emergent that allows your grass to be protected from weeds through the season. A pre-emergent works as a weed barrier to ensure that weeds do not sprout through the season.

If done properly a good 5 - Step program can help you to build your turf into a thick, green lush lawn that can surely make your home stand out from the rest. If you are unsure how to go about getting a good plan put together for your lawn, we can surely help. Simply give us a call at 203-424-9968 or simply stop in and get a free quote by (Clicking Here)

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